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Small Penis Humiliation and Messy Water Sports

I’ve been waiting for this session all week. Both watersports and small penis humiliation are two of the BDSM fetishes I am notorious for. As the ultimate milf mistress, I take the utmost pleasure in your humiliation. Knowing that I am about to indulge in my needs to be in control, dominate and punish makes me smile with pleasure. Things are going to get very messy, so I’ve prepared the room for us with my wet play mat.

As I enter the room you are standing, fully clothed. You’re posed sheepishly, clearly in awe of my presence, unsure of what to do next. Luckily, I’m about to take charge, you have clearly never been in this situation before. “Take your clothes off, slave.” You begin to undress, whilst looking at the floor. “Did you hear what I said?” “Yes” you reply. “Look me in the eyes and acknowledge me when I’m talking to you, do you understand?” “Yes, Mistress Star.” “That’s better.” I can tell you have a tiny little penis and clearly, no balls. Call yourself a man? I’m not sure of that. Small penis humiliation with you is going to easy, because it’s oh so true.

“I think your cock is the smallest I’ve seen. You really are a little sissy aren’t you” “Yes, Mistress Star.” I find it pathetic that you’re agreeing with me, you can’t even stand up for yourself. You deserve to be humiliated because you really are pitiful. By the looks of things, the verbal humiliation seems to be getting you hard already.

“Lay on the floor, get on your back.” You oblige, I stand over you and look down. You look up at my toned body, appreciating the goddess that I am. “Do you know what happens to subs like you when you don’t speak up?” You shake your head. “Roll over.” I grab the thick, white yoghurt from the table and pour it on you. You let out a little shriek. Pathetic. You writhe as the cold substance is flicked all over your back. You can’t see when it’s coming, making you flinch with each drop. I know you love this and being able to fulfil this fantasy satisfies my need to dominate.

“Lay in it, now.” You roll onto your back, exposing your hard penis. You look down, knowing more small penis humiliation is to come. I drop the yoghurt onto your stomach, then your tiny little penis and balls, watching it slide down. You try and touch yourself as I’m doing this. “Hands off, not until I say, do you understand?” Your face is begging for more, as you move your hands away and above your head. I grimace as I look at you – a fully grown man, covered in my yoghurt, you really are a sad little slave and you know you deserve this.

I kneel next to you. “I’m going to rub this all over you and you’re going to shut up and let me.” “Yes, Mistress Star.” I rub it all over you, smearing and slapping as I go. I can see you’re wincing, trying to hold yourself back from finishing already. I thought as much. I tell you to lick the yoghurt from beneath you. You do so, like a small little creature, so helpless.

I squat over you revealing my crotchless panties, you’re covered in yoghurt, your mouth full of what you’ve been eating off the floor. It reminds me that you nothing more than a depository for my golden shower and that is most gratifying. As I begin to urinate over you, you blurt out “Mistress Star, please may I cum now?” For asking, you will be rewarded. “Yes, if you can feel your tiny penis under all that yoghurt.” I’m not surprised you came so quickly; this warm fluid has come straight from a goddess and the ultimate milf mistress. “Thank you, Mistress Star, that was incredible.” If you’re lucky, you might see me again.

As a specialist in small penis humiliation, I provide the maximum femdom and milf mistress experience every time. Contact me today and I’ll decide if you’re worth seeing.