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Dressed in my black PVC lingerie, I sign into my mistress webcam. As the ultimate skype mistress, I am excited to show you who’s boss today. You My hair is pulled tight into a ponytail, my make up flawless, so that every expression I make and every command I give will be clearly understood and carried out by you. As one of my most loyal subs, I know you look forward to these weekly sessions just as much as I do. Your need to be humiliated is pathetic, but that satisfies my need to be in control, torment and tease.

I am ready to be worshipped like the goddess I am. You know that I do not like to be kept waiting and that wasting my time results in extreme punishment. You reveal yourself to me swiftly and explain you finished work early to ensure you got to me on time.

“Do your colleagues know what a stupid little sissy you are?” I say. “No, Mistress Star.” You deserve every bit of the punishment that is coming to you. We previously discussed your need for chastity training over email and I told you to come ready with your penis cage.

“Take off your clothes, you little sissy.” You oblige and begin to undress. “Do you have your cage ready?” “Yes, Mistress Star.” You reply. “Put that key around your neck.” You attach the key to the chain you’re wearing. I control every decision you make now. In my presence, you have no control and there is nothing you can say or do that will change my mind, I am your skype mistress. “I want you to shut your tiny, little penis in that cage and lock it tight.” You do so.

I can see you wincing and closing your eyes as you begin to get hard under the metal restraint. “Eyes open, you look at me when I’m talking to you, do you understand?” I say sternly. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Whatever I say goes, do you understand?” You nod. “I’m going to give you a list of things to do in our time today, and if you do them all, you may get a reward, if you obey.” We discussed some essential items that you had to bring to our session today and I can see you have a lot of them on your bed.

“Let’s start with a little cleaning. I want you to clean your cage, your penis and your balls, whilst you’re all tied up.” You begin cleaning yourself with baby wipes, like the little sissy you are. “Now you’re all clean, I want you to put on the white stockings I asked you to bring.” It’s extremely gratifying to see a high-flying businessman become completely emasculated by me, the ultimate skype mistress. “Next, I want you to drip that yoghurt all over yourself, rub it all over your chest and stomach and feed yourself with your finger.” You’re covered in sticky, pink yoghurt, helplessly licking it off yourself, under my instruction. What a pathetic sub you are!

I can see you’re starting to get hard as you bulge out of the cage. “Mistress Star, please can I come under your instruction?” Well, you have done exactly as I asked so you shall be rewarded. “Unlock yourself, you pathetic sissy.” I give you clear JOI, edging and torturing you along the way. You finish all over yourself but there is one last thing you must do. “Eat it, slave.” You eat your own come, following my CEI. Looks like my work here is done.

As the ultimate milf and skype mistress, I provide the maximum dominatrix experience every time. Contact me today and I’ll decide if you’re worth seeing.