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Mistress Webcam: Behind the Scenes

Dressed in my favourite black leather, knee-high boots, I sign into my mistress webcam. I take a deep breath in and exhale, strong and goddess-like, I am ready to be worshipped, without exception. You know that I do not like to be kept waiting and that wasting my time results in extreme punishment, yet you’re a minute late. I drive my stiletto heel into the floor as you reveal yourself to me, I told you not to waste my time. And there you are. A mere sub, desperate for my attention and to honour me. You look into the camera and I stare straight back at you “look down, at your knees”, only I decide when you look me in the eyes.

I am in complete control and there is nothing you can do to change my mind. Once my mistress webcam is on, your ability to make decisions yourself has ended. All decisions are mine, mine alone and they’re final. I derive immense satisfaction from fulfilling your pathetic fetishes. You deserve to be punished, teased and tortured and only I hold the power to do this to you. “Come closer to your camera, let me take a look at you”. You lean back on the bed, displaying yourself. It’s evident that you have a tiny cock. I thought as much; I feel sorry for any woman who has had to put up with that. Call yourself a man?

You ask to see my feet. “Have you forgotten how late you were to our session?” You apologise. “Shhh... Be quiet loser, or you won’t get anything.” With my experience, I am unrivalled, and you should be honoured that I even accepted your call. I place my right foot in front of my mistress webcam, knee-high boots are still on. I move my foot so that the black, patent stiletto heel glistens in the light. Only the truly deserving get to show their devotion to my feet and you know this. I can hear you breathing heavily, you ask what you can do to see my right foot. “Lie on your back, put your fingers in your mouth and suck”, you oblige. I watch as you close your eyes, pretending my stiletto heel is in your mouth.

You may or may not see my foot. I need to decide if you are worthy. “Get on your knees.” You do as you are told. “I am the best Mistress you have ever been in the presence of, do you understand”, you acknowledge. “If you want to see even a glimpse of my beautiful feet, you remain on your knees and that’s final.” You stay exactly where you are. I gradually take off my leather boot, slowly revealing my right foot. On my terms, I move closer to my mistress webcam to reveal the curved arch of my foot and freshly painted, red toenails. I tease you by pointing and flexing it, and you watch intently. You finish quickly and tell me that I am a goddess who does not deserve your time. I already know this and as the ultimate MILF mistress, you’re lucky to have had any interaction with me.

As an expert in BDSM and mistress webcam, I provide the maximum dominatrix experience every time. Contact me today and I’ll decide if you’re worth seeing.