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Hertfordshire Mistress: Corporal Punishment Expert

If you are looking for the ultimate corporal punishment experience, then look no further. I am Hertfordshire Mistress Sandy Star, ultimate dominatrix and corporal punishment specialist. My pleasure is in your pain and I love nothing more than to dominate and punish my subs. I will only reward you when you’ve earned it…

If you are a slave that begs to be slapped, I am now offering in-person sessions from my well-equipped fetish studio in Hertfordshire, as well as cam sessions for those who I deem worth my time. I suggest you book in advance for my time.

As the ultimate Hertfordshire mistress, corporal punishment, or CP, is what I thrive on most. It’s my most practised session to date and with my experience, you won’t want to stray anywhere else. Having attended the London Dominatrix School, I practice my dominatrix role to the absolute highest level. I have worked with pro doms and highly experienced masters to carefully learn the techniques required for a good spanking. I also flog, cane, paddle and horsewhip my subs. I know the exact amount of pressure and force to apply when punishing you. If you don’t respect me or worship me like the goddess I am, I can tell you right now that you will be punished.

If you’re pathetically indecisive and you don’t know what you want, let me break it down for you. Corporal punishment is a form of intended bodily harm on a sub, often including slapping, whipping, beating and spanking - my favourite. I use various instruments to inflict the required pain and suffering on my slaves. As an unrivalled Hertfordshire mistress, I have a huge collection of canes, whips and paddles that I use, which only those who have earnt it will get to experience. I am capable of delivering whatever you deserve, and pretty soon you’ll come to see why I am the best mistress you’ve ever experienced. If you’re a sissy that likes it rough, or you’re just starting out, we can discuss this, should you get chosen to be seen.

Be it roleplay caning and paddling to over the knee spanking, I deliver corporal punishment like no other milf mistress. I am physically strong and dominant, so prepare to feel utterly emasculated in my presence. Given my reputation as the ultimate Hertfordshire mistress, every slave must be teased, tortured and disciplined accordingly.

As an expert in BDSM, I provide the maximum corporal punishment experience every time. Contact me today and I’ll decide if you’re worth seeing.