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First Time Muscle Worship Session

It’s Friday night, my favourite night of the week. Work is over and it’s time for play, which for me means femdom and a good, hard muscle worship session. I think of the pathetic sub who will be waiting for me in my fetish studio and try not to snigger at his desperation. I know that he’s begging to be controlled and dominated by me. He has specifically asked for strength play, and I am the only mistress that can provide this service for him. He has never had the guts to come to me face to face, but this evening, I’ll find out if he can handle being completely emasculated.

I walk towards the studio door, my black stiletto heels, clicking against the hard tiles. I know you can hear me coming, my footsteps are a countdown to your ultimate humiliation. I enter the studio and see you standing before me. I look you up and down, you’re wearing a suit and tie; I thought as much. So many of my pathetic subs come dressed in this kind of façade, I guess it makes you feel manly.

I know you’ve never experienced a muscle worship session before, but that doesn’t matter. In fact, I am going to show you exactly what you’ve been missing and when I’m done, you won’t want to stray anywhere else but here. I see you staring at my strong, toned body, it’s obvious that you like what you see. I look at you, thinking what a physically small man you are. “Take off your clothes”, I stare you right in the eyes and watch you do so. “Stay exactly where you are, you have lost your power to make any decision now you’re in my presence, do you understand?” You nod your head. “You can talk, but I can’t promise I won’t punish you for speaking out of turn.”

I remove my sheer blouse, exposing my PVC bralette. I raise my arms and begin flexing my muscles from head to toe. “Would you like to touch?” “Yes please”, you say. “Yes please, what? Show some respect.” I can see you’re trying to smile as I talk to you like the pathetic slave you are. “Yes please, Mistress Star.”

That’s better. I squat right in front of you, my quads taught, and flex my strong bicep muscles. “I can deadlift 110kg, which is probably more than you weigh. Look at the size of you compared to me.” You gently squeeze and stroke my arms and tell me that I am the strongest woman you’ve ever seen, exactly as you should. You drop down to your knees. “Lay on your back you weak little sub.” You oblige. I stand above you and place my stiletto heel on your body, pinning you down until the mark of my shoe is imprinted on your skin. I flex my toned physique above you, and I see you can hardly take any more muscle worship. I can tell that this is your first time, begging on your knees and letting me walk all over you, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

I pull you up from the ground, showing just how strong I am and lay you on my leather bench, front down. I grab my black leather whip and spank you hard across your ass. My strength allows me to whip any sub with the required force. “Call yourself a man?”, you shake your head “No, Mistress Star.” I continue to whip you 10 times, on my count, until I see red lashings across you. You tell me how grateful you are to have been in my presence. Good, at least you acknowledge the utmost respect I deserve. If you’re lucky, you might see me again.

As a specialist in muscle worship, I provide the maximum femdom experience every time. Contact me today and I’ll decide if you’re worth seeing.