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Spanking is one of my favourite treatments. As the ultimate UK mistress, I not only have the milf edge, but I offer the best dominatrix services because of my wealth...

As the ultimate Milf Mistress, it’s important to me that I maintain my overall body strength, whilst keeping toned, so I can be adored and worshipped to the maximum by...

I’ve been waiting for this session all week. Both watersports and small penis humiliation are two of the BDSM fetishes I am notorious for. As the ultimate milf mistress, I take the utmost pleasure in your humiliation.

One of my absolute favourite, and most sought after sessions is roleplay. As the ultimate milf mistress, specialising in dominatrix services, I have the ability to offer many different personas to each of my slaves during our sessions.

As the most successful and sought after milf and BDSM mistress in the South East, I am often asked how I am so good at what I do. The answer? A genuine passion and desire to fulfil my subs’ fetishes to be punished, teased and tortured.